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World Reacts to Israeli Terrorism

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

In Bulgaria, the inevitable reaction to persistent unprovoked Israeli terrorism. A man with a Michigan driving license killed at least 5 Israelis. There is widespread speculation, not least by the Israeli Government, that this was in response to the cold-blooded murder of  civilian Iranian scientists by Zionist agents. Additionally, the governments of Israel and the United States have been waging a cyber terrorism campaign in order to attack Iranian infrastructure. Clearly this American/Israeli conspiracy against the people of Iran was likely to have consequences. Unfortunately, an innocent Bulgarian bus driver also died in the attack.

US Support for Terrorism

Friday, March 27th, 2009


UN242 has received quite a few emails from bewildered readers who want to know why the US is apparently so fickle when it comes to supporting terrorist organizations.

For example, Dickie in Billericay asks, “why did the United States fund IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland but they won’t even say hello to Hezbollah in Lebanon?”
John, another subscriber questions, “Why did President Reagan fund the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua and yet they refuse to talk to Hamas in Palestine?”
Bob in Syracuse writes, “Why did America fund and arm Afghanistani terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, but yet they’re in a huff with Islamic Jihad?”
And, finally, Sheila in Shoreditch asks, “Why did America provide military support to supposed bogeyman and terrorism supporter, Saddam Hussein, in his assault against Iran?”

In order to decipher this curious mystery, UN242 used its network of undercover reporters in Washington. They were able, after many late night discussions, a few hookers, and some copious drinking, to establish a common thread when it comes to friend or foe. They called their conclusion, “It’s all about Israel, stupid” (IAAIS ?)

Basically, they discovered that the U.S. views Israel as its special, special friend (think Micky Rourke and his late chihuahu, Loki times 10). Anyone who threatens America’s little buddy will be treated contemptuously at the best of times, and will discover the brilliant adhesive strength of white phosphorus the rest of the time. And if you’re British and fawning affectionately over Obama with your so-called cosy “special relationship”, forget it; the nice folks in Israel with their special, special relationship trump everything else.

So, while some say that Kissinger and Reagan and Bush ran roughshod over democracy and human rights in South America, if you’re a small boy with a runny nose and a Hamas flag in Gaza, you’re days are numbered. Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran all support Palestinian rights. That makes them terrorists and America’s going use their special, special friend, Israel to kill their women and children. Go Israel!!