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No One does Vindictiveness like Israel does Vindictiveness

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

The Jewish state promised a generous dose of retribution. The Jewish state delivered.

Netanyahu has ordered the acceleration of ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories. 3000 new homes are to be built in Palestine to cater for the ever-growing number of Israeli bigots willing and eager to demolish the homes and livelihoods of thousands of peaceful, powerless Arabs.

In addition, Israel is promising to confiscate more than $120 million in tax revenue from the Palestinian Authority.

What crime did the Palestinians commit? They went to the United Nations and were overwhelmingly accepted by the community of nations. Maybe it is time for the U.N. to offer the long-suffering Palestinians a homeland so that they no longer have to tolerate persecution by Zionist bigots like Netanyahu.

Hey Obama! Who are your 8 Friends???

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Eight nations voted with the United States in its attempt to deny the right of Palestinians to exist. Naturally one was Israel. But who were the other seven pathetic, bedraggled schlock of sycophantic stooges that Obama and Susan Rice cobbled together?

Here’s the complete list:
Marshall Islands
Czech Republic

Very impressive, Mr. President! Only one question. “Yo Canada!!! What are you thinking? Why do you want to be on the wrong side of history?” 

Interestingly, the microscopic nation of Palau is also in lockstep with the United States when it comes to their common, repressive, minimum drinking age of 21. They are one of seven countries, including Kazakhstan and Pakistan, that still treats their adults like children. List of world drinking ages…

Palestine 138 : U.S.A. 9

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Joy erupted in occupied Palestine as an overwhelming majority of the United Nations voted to embrace Palestine as a non-member state. This was a humbling experience for the United States which was instrumental in the creation of the Zionist state and has effectively shielded the Israelis from justice for their ethnic cleansing escapades.

In fact, the United States will go down in history as having both created a monstrous anti-Arab Jewish state and voted against the same right to exist for Palestinians.

Democracy Obama Style

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

President Obama has vetoed an otherwise unanimous UN resolution condemning the illegal Jewish housing projects in the occupied West Bank. After the loss of the American supported dictator, Mubarak, in Egypt, Mr. Obama is eager to reinforce just how out of sync the United States is with the rest of the world.

Aside from the US, all 15 members of the security council approved the measure. The resolution was sponsored by over 130 countries.

the Smaller – the Harder

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

the-smaller-the-harderThe extreme professionalism of the Israeli army became clear with the marketing of a number of t-shirts to celebrate their great victory in Gaza against Palestinian civilians. Israelis snipers, keen to show how accurate they are, preferred to shoot small children rather than full-grown civilians. The Israeli army t-shirt, shown above, reads, “the smaller, the harder” with an image of a small Palestinian boy within the crosshairs of an Israeli sniper’s rifle.

The staff here at UN242 have been wearing replicas of the same t-shirts around the office as we offer our congratulations to the Israelis for their success. Also celebrating were George W. Bush and the sexy Condoleeza Rice who had provided the customary U.S. “green light” for the Israeli invasion.