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Cheney Enjoys Rectal Feeding

Monday, December 15th, 2014

cheney-hummus-yumThe former Vice President of Torture, “Dick” Cheney, still insists that all the (illegal and counter-productive) torture conducted in his name is not torture.

The hate-filled, short-sighted, follically-challenged Republican insists that rectally feeding victims hummus and nuts is a common mode of enhancing the love connection between amorous Neocons. In fact, Cheney insists that he spent many long evenings with his boss, President George W. Bush, lovingly giving each other hummus enemas. Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush apparently used to wax each others anus before having a late night anal snack of hummus and nuts.

In this video from Meet the Press, Mr. Cheney declares that the Bush/Cheney rectal feeding programme was not torture but an effective medical technique unique to Guantanamo. So, next time that you are feeling a bit poorly, try taking that Starbucks latte rectally. Coming down with the flu? Stick a bunch of loganberries up your bum! You’ll feel wonderful in no time. Thanks Dick!