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Iman Khan Condemns Israeli Massacres

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014




U.S. Drone Terrorism – No Criticism Allowed!

Sunday, October 28th, 2012
The civilian CIA operatives sit comfortably in their air-conditioned Nevada bunkers. They use their video-game-like controllers to control the movements of the predator drone over the Pakistani highlands. When the image of a suspected militant or a festive wedding party comes into the viewfinder, they release the deadly Hellfire missile. This is Obama’s undeclared, and most likely illegal, war against the Pakistani people. American civilians killing foreign civilians; terrorism by anyones account. Obama has released hundreds of drones on the Pakistani people, killing thousands.
One of the biggest critics of the illegal drone strikes is Imran Khan, the Pakistani former cricketer, and now a prominent and popular politician, often cited as Pakistan’s next Prime Minister. Mr. Khan, due to attend a fund-raising lunch in New York, was forcibly removed from a Canada to U.S. flight by American immigration agents. He was detained and interrogated for two hours about his well-known anti-drone views and then released. Clearly, the objectives were to harass the politician and cause him to miss the event. In this they were successful.
While America prides itself on it’s First Amendment (Freedom of Speech), clearly this doesn’t apply to any foreigner, or anyone who disagrees with official Government positions. For example, if you live in California and hate Muslims, feel free to create deliberately inflammatory anti-Islam movies that have no purpose another than to incite hatred. Obama will go out of his way to protect your position. However, if you support peace and the right of peaceful Pakistanis to get married without American, Lockheed-Martin made, Hellfire missiles killing everyone at the wedding reception, don’t expect to go unpunished.