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Palestine 1 : Israel 0

Sunday, August 17th, 2014



Well-organized anti-apartheid demonstrators dealt a strategic blow to the Zionist regime today. Two to three thousand protesters blocked the port of Oakland in order to stop the Israeli container ship, Zim Piraeus, from docking and unloading her cargo. The ships owners, Zim shipping, chose to keep the boat a sea rather than risk an embarrassing confrontation with the pro-Palestinian crowd.

The successful blockade was in response to ongoing Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Israel has killed around 2000 captive Arabs in an extended assault that many are describing as genocide.


Avoid Bar Code 729

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

barcode-729Thanks to the murderous hatred of the Israeli people and the subsequent actions of their Government, the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel has been rapidly accelerating.

Many more people are now looking at barcodes on the products in their supermarkets and asking the management not to stock Israeli products.

Many products are identified with the 729 barcode that indicates that a product is made in Israel.


Ethnic Cleanser, Netanyahu, Shows Defiance for U.N.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013



Binyamin Netanyahu, following in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein, appears determined to flout the will of the United Nations by rejecting UN242. This resolution was adopted unanimously in 1967 and calls upon Israel to return to the green line that existed prior to the 1967 6-day war.

While, we at UN242 believe that Mr. Netanyahu is an honourable man bent on bringing peace and harmony to the Middle-East, there are many who feel that he is a foaming-at-the-mouth, racist cunt. If you concur, one of the most appropriate ways of voicing your displeasure is by boycotting companies that do business with the Zionist regime. For your convenience, some of these are shown above.


Support for Israel

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


Here at UN242, we frequently receive mail asking how can we do more to support Israel’s valiant military struggle against unarmed Arab civilians. Here are a few ways that you can show your support…

  1. If you are an American taxpayer. Stay right there on the couch. Don’t do anything! You are already contributing $4 billion in addition to substantial military support. Just pat yourself on the back and sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that you are, in no small way, partly-responsible for the deaths of thousands of Arab women and children at the hands of your Israeli friends. Well done Americans!
  2. If you are not an American, you have a choice – you can either write a personal check to President Shimon Peres or support the Israeli economy by buying some nice Israeli products. Here is a partial list…

Jaffa Oranges, Avocados and Dates – Israel grows some lovely food produce. They have a number of avocado varieties including Fuerte and Hass. Rest assured that all are grown on stolen Palestinian land using the bodies of small Arab boys for fertilizer. I’m eating half a Hass right now. I like to cut it in half and eat it with salt and pepper and malt vinegar. Lovely!

Marks and Spencer – This British high street shop is a vocal supporter of Israel and conducts over $200 million of trade with it each year. Try their excellent prawn cocktail sandwiches. They’re packed with delicious Israeli prawns. I love Marks and Sparks!

Nokia – Buy yourself a shiny new cellphone! Nokia has invested heavily in Israel. Imagine, not only is every call crystal clear but it’s also helping Israel to crush the intifada!

Caterpillar – OK, so most of us don’t need to buy a digger, but maybe you own a construction company or have a big garden or something. By supporting Caterpillar, you can reward them for the good work they are doing in the so-called “occupied territories”. Caterpillar provides the Israeli army with specially modified D9 bulldozers that can demolish dozens of Palestinian homes in a day – sometimes with Palestinians inside them! (two for the price of one!).

If reading this is making you feel like supporting Israel right now, why not make an online purchase here.

If you are looking for additional Israeli products to buy or you want to support companies that support Israel, the Boycott Israel Campaign provides an excellent starting point. Thanks guys!