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Larry Pratt: “I am a complete and utter Pratt”

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

adam-lanza-GOAThe executive director of the Gun Owners of America is Larry “Pratt”. Never in the history of American gun-toting-nutters was anyone so aptly named.”

According to Wikipedia, “It [GOA] makes efforts to differentiate itself from the larger National Rifle Association (NRA), and has publicly criticized the NRA on multiple occasions for allegedly compromising on gun rights issues and thereby selling out the gun rights movement.”

Mr. Pratt supports the second amendment rights of Adam Lanza and other red-blooded, American patriots to shoot small schoolgirls with military-style assault weapons.


Heroic NRA Celebrate Yet Another Gun Massacre

Sunday, December 16th, 2012


The National Rifle Association is celebrating another massacre of innocent civilians by a crazed gunman. Adam Lanza killed 12 girls, 8 boys, and 6 adults at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

The NRA has worked feverishly over the years to ensure that all Americans have the right to shoot 6 year old girls and boys with handguns and assault rifles. The group uses member dues to lobby state and federal lawmakers into further weakening existing weak gun laws. The NRA actively supports “concealed carry” laws by which any American nutter is allowed to carry a concealed handgun. All states except Illinois have a concealed carry law.

The NRA is doing as much as it can, but it still needs more support. Please do your bit to assist the NRA by purchasing a handgun or assault weapon today and enrolling or renewing your membership with the group.

Many Americans have heard the rallying cry of the NRA. On Black Friday, the day in November following the Thanksgiving holiday, a record 154,873 Americans became first-time, gun-toting nutters. While this may be a record, you know we can do better, and the NRA will not rest until every American has the inalienable, God-given right to reach into his holster, pull out a gun and shoot a 6 year old girl in the head.

The Guardian has put together this list of 1o ways the NRA has weakened gun control laws in the U.S.