About UN242

UN242 is a Middle-Eastern news bureau situated in the beautiful town of Sderot in Israel. Created in January 2009, our mission is to simplify middle-eastern politics to the level that any American can understand. Here, you will find all the latest news and gossip on all the hot personalities involved in the exciting world of Arab/Israeli politics. We’re expecially interested in all the dead bodies that keep piling up.

By appealing to their humanity (and also providing exceedingly generous financial incentives and attractive interns), we’ve managed to attract some of the top names in broadcasting.

Wolf Blitzkrieg needs no introduction, so we’re not giving him one.

Katie Cutie – we chose Katie not only because of her alliterative qualities, but also because she is very attractive. Please note, that here at UN242 we have a zero tolerance policy to sexism, but we do smirk a bit when it happens.

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