Fanning the Flames

According to regional experts, Pakistan is rapidly descending into chaos. This was amply demonstrated by the violent attack on the visiting Sri Lanka cricket team. It is generally agreed that the escalating number of America missile strikes against people in the north of the country is worsening the situation and, likely, fanning the flames of terrorism.

Some of you may ask why would the Obama administration follow in the footsteps of Bush by making the world a more dangerous place. We asked an insider at the State Department for their opinion (it was actually one of the janitors if you need to know).

State Deparmtment Insider : "…what normally happens is the suits make these lists which I often find in the trash. For every policy they create two columns. One has positive results and the other negative. Hillary Clintons policy is driven by which list is longest. "

UN242 Reporter : "And did you see the lists with regard to sending missiles to target individuals in the tribal areas?"

State Department Insider : "Oh sure. Here it is. On the negative side, they’ve written…

1) fan the flames of terrorism resulting in the death of innocents.

On the positive side, it says…

1) use of extra missiles – make defence contractors happy
2) avoid Hillary being smeared with a Democratic Softie label by Republicans
3) zero American military casualties – just press this button
4) shows our support for Israeli missile strikes on civilian targets

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