Netanyahu: tired Old Bigot has Lost the Plot

Welcome to the insane, black is white and white is black mind of Benjamin Netanyahu. Welcome to a cross between Alice in Wonderland and George Orwell’s 1984. Welcome to a hatred-filled, cancerous void of Zionism where only Jews can do anything right, and only Jews can never do anything wrong.

When United Nation’s Secretary General Ban ki-Moon laments the bitter frustrations of the Palestinian nation, having endured 50 years of a brutal, racist, Jewish occupation, what is Netanyahu’s response? Terse. Predictable. Racist. Insane! Mr. Netanyahu said that the Secretary General is “…encouraging terror”. The Korean had dared to call the illegal Israeli settlement expansion “…an affront to the world“.

Never mind that Israeli Army forces routinely murder and torture Palestinian civilians with impunity. Never mind that Jewish occupiers in illegal West Bank settlements routinely attack Palestinians and destroy the property of Arab villagers. Never mind that the Israeli Army uses American Caterpillar bulldozers to murder innocent female protesters. Never mind that the Palestinian victims of Israeli oppression are fighting with their bare hands against the combined tyranny of Israel (the most powerful military force in the Middle East) supported by combined military and political apparatus of the United States. Never mind that we have on record the fact that Israel is the indisputable champion when it comes to fueling terror. We have on no less authority than Osama Bin Laden that the reason he orchestrated the attack on the World Trade Centre was in response to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. When it comes to fueling terror, one would have to say that Mr. Netanyahu is ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell rolled up as one.

Please die Mr. Netanyahu. The world needs less murderous hatred from tired old bigots like you. We need a lot more decent humanists like Ban Ki-moon.

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