War Criminal Visits Washington


The anti-Arab war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave a speech to fellow Zionists in the American capital today. The Israeli Prime Minister is in town to preach hatred towards non-Jews in general, and Iran in particular.

Netanyahu spoke of the “unbridled aggression of the Israeli people” and how Israel will continue to defy international inspectors and the United Nations with regard to its illegal nuclear program. Israel. Thanks to the heroic whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, Israel is known to have an nuclear enrichment facility in Dimona and ten years ago was estimated to have a secret nuclear arsenal of between 75 and 400 warheads.

There are many reasons why the world should be fearful of a nuclear Israel. They are a nation who have enshrined racism into their laws and who are probably the most hostile┬ánation in the world. Israel attacks its Arab neighbours routinely with overwhelmingly disparate force. The United States, long troubled by accusations of racism, is untroubled by the aggression of its little Zionist progeny and instead tries to shift attention to Muslim nations like Iran who don’t even have nuclear capability.

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