Putin’s Murderous Rampage Continues


Boris Nemtsov, has disappeared in one of the two ways in which all Putin opponents disappear. They are either locked up or murdered. Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in London. Khodorowsky was imprisoned on trumped up charges. Alexei Navelny was accused of embezzlement. When Putin’s puppet leader in Kiev was thrown out by a popular uprising, Putin annexed Crimea, invaded eastern Ukraine and shot down a Malaysian airliner. No wonder that Russian politicians and residents of eastern Europe are scared. Many fellow psychopaths must be envious of Putin’s KGB background and cold hard stare.

In Nemtsov’s recent words, “Putin is very dangerous. He is more dangerous than the Soviets were. In the Soviet Union, there was at least a system, and decisions were taken by the politburo. Decisions about war, decisions to kill people, were not taken by Brezhnev alone, or by Andropov either, but that’s how it works now.”

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