United States Hearing Aid Finally Kicks in!

cuba-embargo-54-years-cartoon-1024x775For 23 years in a row, the United Nations has passed a resolution imploring the United States to end its mindless, counter-productive embargo on Cuba. For 23 years the United States has turned a deaf ear to the United Nations. Just like Israeli ethnic cleansing, “American exceptionalism” is alive and well. The United States started boycotting in 1960!!! President Obama was not alive in 1960, yet for 6 consecutive years he has approved a continuation of the embargo that has so far cost the Cubans losses of more than US $1 trillion!

Finally, President Obama has seen the light and has indicated an end to the meaningless, spiteful embargo. After a series of talks with Cuban President, Raul Castro, the United States is willing, without admitting any error obviously, to reopen its embassy in Havana, and possibly, with approval from Congress, to end the pointless embargo.

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