New York Police Declare War on Protesters


Taking a page out of Israel’s book, the New York Police Department Union (President Patrick Lynch) has said that they are now a “wartime” police department. Mr Lynch said this in reaction to the murder of two policemen in New York. They were apparently killed by a nutter who was angry about the lack of justice for unarmed black victims of police shootings.

This has more than echoes of the creative logic of the equally racist Zionists in Israel. The police are blaming the protesters for the violence! Let’s be absolutely clear about this. The anti-police protests across America are in reaction to trigger-happy racists in many police departments.

Similarly, all violence by Arabs in Palestine is in reaction to the 1948 invasion and subsequent occupation of Palestine by racist American-funded Zionists. Yet, self-righteous Israelis continually blame their victims for any violence. This is the same psycho-logic that Hitler used against the Jews: I hate my victim; I blame my victim; I feel that my victim is inferior to me; I can feel good about killing my victim; they were asking for it.

The New York Police Department, by declaring that two of its own were “assassinated” and by ridiculing the “I can’t breathe” and “Hands up. Don’t shoot” protests, is clearly sending the message that black lives don’t matter but policemen’s lives do.

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