Russell Brand 1 – Sean Hannity 0

The British comedian, Russell Brand, has taken on the extremist, neocon, talk-show host, Sean Hannity over his pro-Zionist advocacy of Israeli genocide in Gaza.

While some people believe that Hannity’s North American isolation from real world geopolitics may define his perspective, other people believe Hannity’s limited vocabulary may be what prevents him from thinking critically. In a way, Hannity’s views reflect the views of many Republicans in that there are only Americans, friendly foreigners (Australians), and terrorists.

The American view of “terrorism”…

Using American F16’s to drop bombs on foreign families is not terrorism since Americans are never terrorists and you’ve already designated the family as “terrorists”

Israelis using American M1-A1 Abrams tanks to shell hospitals and schools is just fine since you are in an American tank and as long as you pretend you are trying to hit “terrorists”

Despite the United Nations condemning Israeli actions on 45 occasions, Americans believe that Zionists are never terrorists. They are special people and deserve to have high tech American weapons and nuclear bombs.

Despite Article 51 of the United Nations Charter specifically allowing for the “Right of Self Defence”, this does not apply to Arabs. Arabs can never be trusted. They may go “terrorist” at any point. Don’t turn your back on an Arab!

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