Canadians Boycott Israel



The international movement to boycott the racist state of Israel is gathering speed. Educational institutions have been at the forefront of the campaign to make Israel pay for the oppression, atrocities and genocide against the Palestinian people. Concordia University in Montreal is the latest University to vote in favour of an Israeli boycott.



One of the many British musicians that has spoken out against Israel is Brian Eno. This summer, he outlined the Zionist strategy to a large crowd in Trafalgar Square…

“What we’re seeing in Gaza is an experiment in provocation conducted by the Israeli government. You take one and a half million people, you stuff them into a small space, you deny them food, water, sanitation, medicine, and then act surprised when they get hostile. But you want that hostility, because that’s the cue for you to act the victim. Israel is pretending to be a victim in a situation in which they are the oppressor.

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